Saturday, May 30, 2009

What LittleB has been up to this week.

LittleB will be two months on Tuesday!  She also goes in for her two month check-up that day.  I am not looking forward to it because she has to get shots, but I am excited to see how much she has grown.

She is so cute to wake up to in the mornings because she just smiles and laughs at you in the morning.  She starts my day off great by giving me the little smiles and laughs, it's the small things in life that matter the most!  Plus, how could you not be in a good mood to wake up to something like that?!  She brings so much joy to our lives!

On another note, she is such an active baby.  We had to stop using her body wedge this week because she just wiggles right out of it.  I guess she decided she didn't need it anymore. 

Also this week, we decided to try to include some video for your enjoyment (at the bottom)!


Smiles  :D



This is how we have been finding her in the mornings.



LittleB with daddy.



I'm a big girl now.



Don't you love my shirt?!  :D



Being a Happy Baby!!

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