Friday, May 22, 2009

LittleB at 7 weeks

It has been quite the week!  Wednesday night when I gave LittleB a bath she decided she wanted to poop it her bathtub.  She really does like baths; maybe that's her way of getting more time in the water.  :D

She is also becoming more active when she sleeps at night.  I have been finding her in totally different positions! Soon she will be rolling over!  She also will not let me cover her arms and hands, and most of the time she kicks and wiggles her way out from under the covers. 

I also noticed she is starting to develop a personality.  She doesn't get upset very often but when she does she lets you know!  She will stick out her bottom lip and give us a pouty look and turn bright red in the face!! 

Have a fun and safe Memorial weekend!



LittleB with her cousin that is 1 month and 1 day younger than her.



She loves her swing!



She doesn't know what to think.



Why do you keep taking my picture?!



She actually kept her house slippers on.



She's doing putting good sitting up!



A little smile.



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