Sunday, March 29, 2009

Getting Close to That Time

We are excited to welcome a new person into our lives and have been preparing as much as we can including sleep (and lots of sleep, too!!!). This Thursday, April 2 is the due date for LittleB and we are ecstatic about meeting her!  You may know that with the birth of children, they come when they are ready.  We have already have a few episodes of thinking it was almost time. Being first timers, we are paying really close attention and every little thing that happens we start thinking it's about time!! 


Hopefully soon we will be able to introduce her to the world. If you are a subscriber, we will be posting the first pictures of her on here from the hospital.  Stay tuned...


Saturday, March 21, 2009

How To Get Email Updates When We Post

Many of you may be used to getting emails from us and probably won't be coming out to the site very often. That's fine (we don't expect you to). That's why we have options. You can still get updates from us in your email.  You just have to follow a few simple steps and you will start/continue to get email from us.

First, make sure you are on the site (most who see this will be).

1. On the right, look for this:


2. Enter your email address.


3. Click {Subscribe}.

4. Enter the word you see (to prove you’re human).


5. Click {Complete Subscription Request}.

6. When you see that your request has been accepted, you are almost done.


7. When you get an email asking you to verify, click on the link to verify.


8. You will be taken to a page that says you are confirmed.


9. That’s it! Now you will continue to get email from us when we have updates. They will automatically come to your email.

Safety Gate Recommendation

If you have a need for a safety gate like we do, and you don't want to do a lot of research (like we did), we recommend The Curve Safety Gate from Safety 1st.  It addresses our concerns.

We have need for a gate that:

  • We can open AND close with one hand. A few gates advertise that you can open them with one hand, but don't mention what it takes to close them again.
  • Would not take much effort to ensure it was locked once we did close it.
  • Would not have a bar (or anything) running across the bottom when it was in the open position.
    • We don't want anyone tripping on the way up the stairs, but most importantly, we don't want anyone tripping on the way DOWN the stairs.

This was the ONLY gate we found that met all of our concerns. It is not the most expensive gate we found either, but it's definitely not the cheapest. It was around $60 at Babies R Us. Find a 15% off coupon (or better) for Babies 'R Us and then buy this item for $51. Take a look at some of the images of The Curve in action.


The packaging - what to look for when buying this.


Overlooking the gate from the top of the stairs.


What The Curve looks like when closed.


Here is the locking mechanism.


You just press toward the wall and down on the button and it will release the gate. One finger operation FTW (for the win)!!


When it opens, it completely disconnects from the locking mechanism.


No bars or anything running below the area where you would pass through the gate. This is necessary for us for safety because we don't want anyone tripping and falling down the stairs.


This is a view of the side that stays connected to the wall. It has a very attractive design as well.



That's the safest safety gate we've found that meets all of our needs. Do you have any recommendations for safety gates?



Meet the Family

If you don't already know us, I thought we would introduce ourselves and bring you into our lives.

First we have R (me) and B - the picture is from a recent wedding we attended. Both B and I will be posting here as we have things to share.


Now we have Baby Kay (Kay Kay), a five year old Rat Terrier/Blue Heeler/Mutt. She's a very special dog, but a bit strange at times. I like to think that she is a step dog because B brought her into the relationship. :)


Last, but not least, the current baby of the family: Alexis - a full bred Weimaraner. She's just over 3 years of age (finally out of the puppy stage). We're currently trying to teach her not to bark at everything she hears and sees.


Here lately we have been preparing our house for a new arrival, our first child, LittleB. We are extremely excited to meet her!


First Post!


We will be blogging about the adventures of the Reynolds Family as we go through life's changes over the years to come. :D

-B and R Reynolds