Tuesday, October 20, 2009

LittleB at 6 1/2 months

Our baby girl is changing and growing like a weed.  She has been pushing her self backwards when she's on her tummy.  She would much rather you help her stand.  She has very strong hands so she tries really hard to pull herself up on things when she is sitting.  So mommy thinks as soon as she crawls she will be very quick to taking steps.  I am not sure if I am ready for all of that because then it means my little girl is getting closer to being a toddler than a baby.  On a good positive note she will become even more fun!  LittleB says MAMA, BABA, and started saying DADA last week.  B was excited that she said MAMA first!  Oh and LittleB decided that peaches are not her favorite fruit.  She must take that after daddy because mommy loves peaches.  I have posted lots of pictures so I hope it's not too much to look at.  :D



I remember the first time we put her in this she couldn't sit up.




She was super excited!



Notice the 2 little marks on her leg from her  6 month shots.



She was chewing on her toy box.



Such a happy girl!



She was getting ready to try and pull herself up.



She's playing with her Unicorn "Star".



Rolling around and being cute.



Daddy fixing my nails!  :D






Loves the ear!



She was really into the shine parts.



She likes to take her tongue and touch her chin.



After the remote once again.



She has having fun feeling the different texture floor.



Cuddling with her KSU puppy!



LittleB decided she wanted to stay a little longer and get one last nap in with Grandma B.



Mommy thought it would be cute to put me in there and she had lots of fun.



Gary's Berries

We went to Gary's Berries on Oct. 4th, 2009. Or should I say Gary's Pumpkin Patch and Fall Festival. Officially they renamed it. Unofficially, it's still Gary's Berries. The name rhymes too well to call it anything else.  Bailey was excited to see pig races, go on a hayrack ride, and hang out in a pumpkin patch. Enjoy the photos.



Where are we? I'm excited!



I'm this tall.



Is this pumpkin for me?!



Now that's a huge chair for me to sit on!

~B & R

Monday, October 5, 2009

6 Month Check-up

LittleB weighs 16 lbs 10 oz and was 27 and 1/4 inches long. She got really upset when they asked us to undress her to get her weighed. It was when we laid her down on that bed (with the paper) that she started crying and continued to cry pretty much the entire time. We are pretty sure she remembers getting shots from her 4 month check-up because of the way she acted. She also got 4 shots, one of which was a flu vaccine. Now we have to take her back in a month to get another flu shot. R had to hold her hands down so she couldn't reach the needles. I'm so glad he is able to come with me! He is just a great help when it comes to that even if he doesn't like it. I feel like this is the hardest thing for R and I. She will be good on shots till she turns one year old.  I was told not only will she receive shots at the 1 year checkup but also get blood drawn. That should be fun time for all of us <sarcasm>! 

Here are some of her 6 month pictures and her in her Halloween outfit.




























Friday, October 2, 2009

Happy 6 months LittleB

I just can't believe it that my baby is already 6 months old!  Where has the time gone?!  She is getting more fun everyday though.

LittleB has been pacifier free since Monday September 28, 2009.  I have a story behind that!  A few weeks ago we tried taking her pacifier away at night because I've slowly started reducing the amount I let her have it.  But it was too soon and she cried for over 30 minutes so we  gave it back and figured we would try at a later time. She paid us back that night by waking up every two hours to remind us that she wanted her pacifier!  Then on Monday I put some batteries in her musical toy with a projector. She was awed by the projector that I thought I would try the no pacifier again. I checked on her about 10 minutes later and she was out.  So the next day came and I figured since she slept all night without it that she really didn't need it anymore.  She whined a little at nap and then just a little at bed time and by the Thursday she had forgot all about it.  It was a slow weaning; she started by limiting it to the crib and only getting it at naps and bedtime.  Something else I did was a few months ago started letting her sleep with her puppy (KSU puppy I might add) that some friends got her and she really loves it.  I think it was all around good timing! 

On another note LittleB goes in Monday for her 6 month check-up and she has to get 3 shots. I'm thinking it's going to be harder because this time she is more alert each time we go. However I am excited to see how tall and how much she weighs.

We have her 6 months pictures tomorrow at JCPenney so I will post those pictures as soon as we get them back.



LittleB kept scooting backwards



Having fun with the ball



LittleB is starting to get the tummy off the floor