Sunday, April 26, 2009

Things That LittleB is Starting To Do at 3 weeks

On Wednesday April 22, 2009, I was holding LittleB while she was sleeping and she started laughing (more like a little giggling) in her sleep.  She also did the exact same thing the following day.  She loves to smile, and it's so cute even if she is just passing gas or peeing.  We have also noticed this week that she is starting to coo.  A more exciting thing she has started to do is sleep during the night.  She is sleeping for four to five hours at a time during the night and that is with me waking her up to feed her.  I also took her in on Friday April, 24, 2009 and weighed her and she weighed 8.7 pounds! My baby is growing so fast...

My little Cheerleader! :D
Heading to a friend's baby shower.
Dressed up for church.




  1. What sweet pictures! It was fun to see her again (and you guys!) yesterday, but after you left, I realized that I never held her. We'll have to get together one day this week so I can get some time to hang out with her!

  2. I love the updates , i wish we had this when Boo was little.R you are blesssed she takes after her mother in attitude and looks.You were kind of a pain,love you both


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