Friday, April 3, 2009

Some More Pictures of LittleB

We started to learn last night and today exactly about the sleeplessness everyone has been telling us about. I thought I could handle it with all of my military training, but LittleB is teaching me quickly that this kind of sleep depravation is unlike anything I've seen already.  We'll see how much better it gets in the next two weeks. Enjoy some more pictures, including a picture of daddy pretending to be sleeping.






  1. aaawww I can't wait to hold her!!
    Barbara H

  2. Omg isn't she just beatuiful guys she is perfect ahhh I am so happy for you two..

  3. Ahh look at her she is perfect what a beautiful baby and yes you will not sleep for about 6 weeks and then hopefully she will get to her nights some babies take less some longer.. but wow she is just a gorgeous baby guys...

  4. R, I have to say again that she is absolutely beautiful! I am sooo happy for you guys!!


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