Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter and Family Pictures

On Saturday April 11, 2009 we decided to go to Sears to take professional pictures as a family.  We were very excited (or at least B was) to get them taken.   We decided to get some taken with the Easter bunny since it was so close to Easter.  That's about the extent of what we felt comfortable doing with a newborn on her first holiday.  :D

LittleB 9 days old with the Easter bunny.
LittleB and Daddy holding hands.
sweet_bailey bailey
sweet_baby_girl little_b
Mommy and Daddy holding LittleB's hands.
Family picture with LittleB (9 days old).

Mommy and Daddy kissing LittleB.

LittleB looking like a doll in her Easter dress.


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