Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Labor was like….



On Wednesday April 1, 2009 I thought I might have sprung a leak around noon. I wasn’t too concerned because I didn’t have any pain beside the back pain that I’ve had all along. Plus I had a check up at 4:10 PM that afternoon. When I went in for the appointment my doctor told me that my water had broke and I need to go home and pack then go to the hospital. Of course R spoke up and said we already had our bags in the car. So my doctor said she would call the hospital to let them know we would be in. I was really hoping that LittleB was going to wait until April 2, 2009 because that was my due date and my doctor was going to be on call (and I REALLY wanted her to deliver LittleB).

After we left the doctor’s office I told R that we needed to go get something to eat before we went to the hospital and that I wanted to go home and relax a little. I still wasn’t having any pain but couldn’t take a nap because I was so nervous/anxious about the process of labor.

Around 9:30 PM I told R to call the hospital and see if we could just wait until the morning to come in or if I needed to come in that night. They said to come in right away because once your water has broken you can get infections and increase your chance of having a c-section. I still wasn’t having any pain but decided we should head in because I didn’t want anything bad to happen.

We arrived to the hospital around 10:00 PM and checked in. They decided to start me on some pitocin because I was only dilated to a 2. The contractions started once I received the pitocin it felt like REALLY bad period craps but every 2-3 minutes. I was on that for a couple of hours and once I reach to a 4 I was able to get an epidural. I was so nervous about getting an epidural but by the time I got it I was so tired that I was excited about it and it didn’t even hurt. I would compare it to a bee sting. It was probably around 2:30AM- 3:00AM when I received it. The nurse told me to try to get some rest before I needed to start pushing, but that didn’t happen. I was too excited to meet LittleB.

After I received the epidural I started to dilate and went from a 4 to an 8 in a couple of hours. Soon after I started pushing at 5:45 AM and was really hoping that my doctor would make it for the delivery. She was starting her shift at 7:00 AM. My doctor did make it but I had to not push on a few contractions just so my doctor could get in the room. That was very challenging!!! I thought it was so awesome that LittleB came on her due date and she was delivered by her doctor. The pushing was a lot of work but was totally worth it and wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. However I do recommend an epidural to any first time mommies!!!


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