Friday, February 19, 2010

LittleB at 10 1/2 Months

Wow, it seems like to me that LittleB has really grown over the last couple of weeks.  She is starting to get into everything.  Tonight we had to get child proof locks for our lazy susan since she is getting into that now.  She opens anything and everything that she can.  She loves to play peek-a-boo.  She also know the word “eyes” and will go up to a lamb blanket that we have and point at the eyes and say the word. “Eyes!” It just amazes me how fast they grow and learn! 

She is definitely a mommy’s girl because every time I leave the house R says she cries and says “Mommy!”  One night he scared me because he called my cell and left a voice message with a crying baby so I thought OMG something must be wrong but it was just R wanting to show me how she was missing her mom. I told him next time talk with the message if he wants to do that.

She is also working on her bottom and top left side one year molars.  Speaking of one year, our little girl will be one on Good Friday, what a blessing that is!  I made a practice cake for her birthday but decided to freeze it and let her have that one to play in. 

She isn’t walking yet but taking lots of steps. She has had a few rough falls that may have scared her a little from taking off.


Playing with her musical table.


Grandpa B came to visit.


Grandma B  visiting.


Taking pictures of her with her cake.


She is ready to dive in!


She’s going to have fun on her birthday!


Eating black beans and she actually likes them. OR “Dirty mouth?! Clean it up!”


Watching her cartoons!


Getting so tall and looking more like a little toddler.


Playing with her toys.


Giving mommy and look like that’s enough.


Looking to see if mommy is watching.


And going for it!


Mission completed!


The doggy I got for my first Valentine’s Day.


Playing with my doggy.




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