Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Sweet LittleB is 11 Months

My little girl just amazes me all time time. She loves to say the word “eyes” so much that she was saying it when she was asleep. We went to Colorado for 3 nights while R presented and LittleB didn’t do well with the trip down. It didn’t help the fact that she has more teeth trying to come in (molars this time). The last night there she was just finally getting adjusted. She did enjoy the Denver zoo – it’s a pretty cool zoo. She took a 3 hour nap today. I think she is still playing catch up from the trip. It’s so crazy to me to think a month from now she will be 1 year old. It’s so hard to think back to what our lives were like without her.  She brings so much joy to our life!   She has grown so much and mommy is working on a slide show of her first year. Hopefully she will appreciate it as she gets older. 


We sleep with our mouth open like mommy when we are really tired


Oh my, that’s a big bear daddy!


Mommy and LittleB looking at the wildlife at the Royal Gorge


What a view from the top looking over the Royal Gorge Bridge


Looking at mommy. It’s cold mommy


We’re way up high


The Royal Gorge


Going over the Royal Gorge Bridge in the vehicle


You’re taking my picture again


Are we off this bridge yet?


I’m so tired


Getting a nice nap


I love the ac/heater blowing in my face


Are you taking pictures?




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