Saturday, February 6, 2010

Update on R’s Mom

R has been visiting his mom in the hospital. She is doing really well. Today when visiting she was trying to talk, but could not due to the trach ventilator that she is on. She was coherent enough to mouth, “I can’t talk.” So R told her that she would be able to again and she shrugged. R told her that she can’t talk because of the trach and when it comes out she will be able to talk again.

She had a video chat with B and LittleB today as well. She waved at LittleB and smiled really big. She also mouthed “I love you both” to her boys today.

She tried to mouth other things, but neither R or his brother K are good at reading lips.

K said she was able to wiggle her left toe recently, which is great because she is paralyzed on that side.  Right now she’s resting and getting better. When she is well enough, the neurosurgeon wants to take a sample of some abscesses they found on her brain during a recent MRI scan.

From all accounts, right now R’s Mom is pretty much a miracle. We are hoping and praying for more things to recover and for her to be able to use her left side again.  We are all thankful for the prayers that you and others have been giving her. It’s really been helping. We have a long way to go for recovery though, so keep them coming.


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