Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ear Piercing

LittleB got her ears pierced today!  She did better than I expected.  She had been sleeping in the stroller and when we went into Claire's she woke up.  Her just waking up might have helped with the entire situation.  I started asking the lady questions then I figured why not because she will probably want them done as she gets older.  I held her in my lap and she held a sucker in one hand.  So I just gently laid my hand on her free hand and she didn’t mind - at first I was going to hold her tight but she just wiggled and that wasn’t going to work.  The lady was pretty fast and she only cried for a few minutes.  Before she really even started crying the lady was done; that’s how fast it went. 


Here is a picture just a few minutes after it was done.  We hadn’t even left the store yet.



Since she did a good job she got to ride the horsey.



Riding the horsey at the mall.

Bailey May 4, 2010 ear piercing


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