Tuesday, December 22, 2009

LittleB and Her Doggies

She loves to play with her dogs and will even give them hugs.  Well, at least one of the dogs (Alexis) allows her to play with her.  Alexis does really great with her.  She will let her crawl all over her and even use her as a stepping stool.  I try to make sure LittleB is nice and somewhat gentle with the dogs.  However, Kay Kay doesn't like her to play with her - she usually runs clear away when LittleB gets close.  Every once in awhile LittleB surprises her by sneaking up on her and giving her a pat.

Playing with Alexis.


Giving sweet hugs to her doggy!


Laying on her doggy.


Alexis showing her love back.


She sure does love her dog!


Thinking about crawling over her doggy.


Crawling over the dog.


Giving nice pats.  Notice Kay Kay watching. 


Alexis is all worn out.


Taking a snooze.


PS. We don't stage the shots of the dog like this. She really does crawl up under the covers and puts her head on the pillow! We think Alexis believes she's a human...


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