Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Lot Going on at 7 1/2 Months for LittleB

Mommy has been very busy trying to get things done for LittleB.  She is currently working on a scrapbook for LittleB and filling in pictures in other scrapbooks that people made her.  She is also working on another project for her birthday.  It's crazy that I'm already thinking about her first Birthday but it will be here before we know it.  Not only has mommy had a lot going on but so has LittleB.

On Nov.10, 2009, was the first time LittleB fell asleep on her tummy but she hasn't done it since.  She must really like sleeping on her back! :D  Then on Nov. 12, her two front bottom teeth broke the gum.  Boy, the week leading up to the teeth breaking the gum she was waking up 2-4 times a night.  It felt like the week we brought her home from the hospital.  Now her two front top teeth look like they are going to break the gum any day.  I sure hope so, because once again she is waking up 2-4 times a night.  Then on Nov. 13, 2009,  LittleB mastered the crawling position back into a sitting position.  She is really close to crawling forward - she will move both knees once then go backwards and sit up.   She also likes to get on her knees and rock back and forth.  She is already pretty mobile and she isn't even crawling yet. She rolls, moves backwards, and pulls up on things.  She loves music and will move her head back and forth (like she is dancing).

She has already started testing her boundaries.  She will crab the computer cord or phone charger cord and look at you when she does it.  She waits to see if you will take it from her or continue to let her play with it. 

We are very excited for the holidays since it will be LittleB's first one.  We have decided to have Christmas at home because we want her to have the memories of Santa coming to her home. :D

We are so Thankful that we have LittleB in our lives.  She truly is a blessing!

Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!


Chewing on Daddy's phone.


I'm getting so tall!


Pulling away from daddy's kiss.


Playing with the wall.


Mommy put me in my clothes basket.


I had fun in there!


Ready to take off.


Looks like she's waving.


Being silly with Daddy.


Jennifer and LittleB before she baby sat.


Playing with the musical table.


Looking cute!


Laughing at her dog Alexis.


Having fun with the doggy.


Playing with Alexis.




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