Sunday, September 13, 2009

LittleB is sitting up

LittleB was 5 months and a week old when she started sitting up.  She just amazes me every day with something cute or new.  I just love it!!!  Friday I gave  her a sippy cup for the first time and she grabbed it and put it right to her mouth.  It was such a cute moment!  I don't think she actually got any water to come out but she sure was trying.  She just started to sit up all by herself this week.  It's amazing how she has changed so much!  LittleB will take your hands and pull up so mommy's thinking the next thing she will be doing is pulling up on things.  She rolls over some but it's not her favorite thing to do. She would rather be sitting up or standing with help.  LittleB is still working on her crawling moves but mommy thinks it might be a few months before she crawls; but who knows, she surprises me all the time!  Daddy is really ready for her to crawl now but mommy is okay with whenever because she is growing up too fast.  Her favorite animals seems to be dogs and horses.  Can you tell her personality is really starting to show?! :D  She really likes oatmeal but doesn't care much for the rice cereal.  She's tried sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, so far and will be starting green beans and peas this week.  So far she likes all her veggies!   She gets to try the same food for 4 days to make sure she isn't allergic to it.  Enjoy the pictures! 



Taking a ride in her big girl seat!



Don't I look like a big girl!



Look at those pretty blues! :D



I'm sitting up!!!



I guess you can take a picture mommy!



Using a sippy cup for the first time.



She knew exactly what to do!



Daddy gave me the remote.



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