Tuesday, June 2, 2009

LittleB is 2 Months Today

Our Little girl is growing so fast.  It just seems like yesterday I was finding out I was pregnant.  Today R and I took her in for her first major set of shots.  She got 3 shots in her little legs.  Thank goodness we didn't have to hold her down!  The nurses laid her on the table and gave the shots to her.  She was very upset - I have never seen my baby cry so much!!  She started holding her breath for a second.  The crying lasted for a few minutes and then she went to sleep.  The Tylenol must have kicked in!  

LittleB weighs 11 lbs and 3.75 oz and her height is 23.75 inches.  Compared to other little girls LittleB is in the 80 percentile for weight and 97 percentile for height, and her little head is in the 24 percentile.



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