Thursday, June 11, 2009

3 Year Anniversary and Family Update

On June 10, 2009, R and I celebrated our 3rd Anniversary.  It has been a great 3 years!  What I have learned throughout those years is the key to a great relationship is to put God first, communicate about everything, and then love and support each other in every aspect of life (EVEN if you don't always agree with your spouse's decision)!

As we waited for our dinner last night R was holding LittleB and asked her "Why did I wait till I was 30 to have you?"  I started to really think about that statement while I was holding LittleB today.  Then I realized we wouldn't be who/where we are at today if we hadn't waited.  Our marriage wouldn't be as strong as it is now, we wouldn't have the things we have or the experiences we have had leading up to this moment. One of the best things about waiting is that I am able to stay home with LittleB and that's important to me. Sure, R is going to be almost 50 by the time LittleB goes to college (yikes!), but I'll still be young. ;p

I am so lucky to have such a great wonderful husband, not to mention a loving daddy for LittleB.  He is so good to her!  She is SO precious!

Today, June 11, 2009, LittleB had her first trip to the library for story time.  She was the youngest there but I think it's still important to go because she can listen to the stories - plus she really liked watching the other babies crawl and walk around.

She's getting cuter each and everyday.  She just loves to laugh and smile!  Here is some more pictures that I took this week, but she is WAY cuter in person.  :D


Picture 006

Looks like she's ready to take off crawling.


Picture 008

Not wanting her picture taken.


Picture 024

What's up!!!

Picture 025

I'm not sure what to think...

Picture 032

Posing and being a cutie!!

Picture 036

She was saying "Ooo or Ahh".


Picture 040 

Our first trip to the library.



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  1. I can't believe how much she is changing! What a cutie!! Love the little outfits and hat!!


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