Saturday, March 21, 2009

Meet the Family

If you don't already know us, I thought we would introduce ourselves and bring you into our lives.

First we have R (me) and B - the picture is from a recent wedding we attended. Both B and I will be posting here as we have things to share.


Now we have Baby Kay (Kay Kay), a five year old Rat Terrier/Blue Heeler/Mutt. She's a very special dog, but a bit strange at times. I like to think that she is a step dog because B brought her into the relationship. :)


Last, but not least, the current baby of the family: Alexis - a full bred Weimaraner. She's just over 3 years of age (finally out of the puppy stage). We're currently trying to teach her not to bark at everything she hears and sees.


Here lately we have been preparing our house for a new arrival, our first child, LittleB. We are extremely excited to meet her!


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