Monday, July 12, 2010

LittleB’s 15 Month Check Up

On July 12, 2010, LittleB had her 15 month appointment.  She weighed 20 lbs 7oz which puts her in the 10 percentile for weight.  As for her height she is still really tall 33” which puts her at the 97 percentile.  Then her head measured at 44cm and she is in the 5 percentile for that. Then we were told that she needed to get blood drawn to check for lead and some other things. Darn for LittleB, she almost got to an appointment that she didn’t have to get shots or poked! It would have been her first time on blood draws. I say first time because they couldn’t find a vein. She is a strong little girl. Daddy held her down and tried to keep her attention on him, but the nurse had to get another nurse to hold her arm still so she could concentrate with the needle. None of this was fun for LittleB.

And we GET to go back and try again in a few days.


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