Thursday, July 2, 2009

LittleB is 3 months today!!

What's new with LittleB....

LittleB loves to pick up toys that have rings for her to grab and heads straight for the mouth.  She will sometimes hold them with both hands.  She also likes to look at herself in the mirror and laugh and smile. 

This week I have started getting her and the dogs a little more used to each other.  So when LittleB starts chasing after them they won't be so scared of her.  I think Alexis (the weimaraner) will do better than Kay Kay (half blue heeler and half rat terrier) when it comes to LittleB trying to play with them.  Kay Kay seems scared when LittleB starts wiggling or moving her hands really fast, but both dogs love to lick on her (which is something mommy is trying to get used to).  I still clean her hands and face before LittleB has a chance to put her hands back in her mouth after a tongue bath from the dogs!

Today we took her in to get her weighed and she weights 12 lbs and 13 oz.  Wow, she's growing up too fast! 

Hope everyone has a fun and safe 4th of July!


Picture 087

Having a good time in the bath tub

Picture 094

Taking a nap

Picture 095

Mommy take this thing off my head!

Picture 099 

I wonder what this does?!


Picture 105 

LittleB and her proud daddy

 Picture 121

LittleB waking up from her nap

 Picture 127

Mommy playing with me on the floor

 Picture 136

That's as close as Kay Kay would get!  :D

Picture 141 

Alexis is wondering what she's in for when this kid starts crawling.                              

 Picture 143

I guess you can take our picture.

Picture 144

I guess you can lay on me

Alexis did really good with LittleB


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  1. Little B is getting so big! We will have to get her and Ben together soon for a play date or trip to the zoo!


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